Monday, June 23, 2008

Alice as the bartender

At the Monda-lab exhibition

"Could you please take a picture of my girl?"
"sure,take this flash and direct it here.When I say now release it with this button"

B exposure,side flash on auto mode,nikon fm2n,hp5@800 in hc100 dilution B 8.5 min at 22degree C.


Kira said...

nice little story:)

Kira said...

blogger's biggest fuck is lack of nested comments so...
thanks for the visit.there are times for colors and times for bw.i love them both:)
yes,you might have seen

Kira said...

it's funny,i actually met your girlfriend at a birthday party in Jerusalem about a month ago without knowing she used to study in Shenkar.The present she made for the birthday girl was very very impressing:)