Sunday, September 30, 2007

дай мне напится железнодорожной воды.

I returned from Kinnereth and after a shower and a change of clothes I packed a backpack and a leica and went to Haifa, I returned half an hour ago.

This city has a ton of photographic possibilities,I visited the very decent Japanese Museum and the Bahai Garden.

I spent the day with Anastacia and enjoyed it very much.I am glad to be home.
I miss Tel Aviv(hasnt been there for over a week). I miss a certain set of smiling curls.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

strange bird

two very strange birds form the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.
Thank to a very special person being away - I realised some things about myself.positive.

Just came back from two nights on the Kinnereth.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adi,last shooting

This is from the last sitting with Adi.
She is a pleasure to shoot.

Today I am of to a camping\male bonding trip. Canon 7+35/2.8 and J8(50/2) with some film,I doubt I will shoot much though.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


these were taken almost a year ago,in Abu Gosh at sunset when we went to listen to Mateus Passion.

that what plays in my head lately

Miss madonna won't you give me a kiss
One of your soft sweet lagrimas
Miss madonna won't you give me a kiss
One of your soft sweet lagrimas
Oh miss madonna won't you please give me a kiss
Give me one of those soft sweet lagrimas
'Cause i felt your pain
When your baby was slain
And i tossed some roses to perfume his grave
Oh miss madonna won't you let me underneath your halo
'Cause it's raining hard
Raining hard in this abyss
Miss madonna...
Oh miss madonna where you goin' after work
In that preacher's car
You know o won't tell nobody
That you've been smoking cigars
I won't tell nobody
Tell nobody
That you've been smoking cigars
Miss madonna...

La Maison De Mon Rêve

I watched the new Hairspray. The old one was funnier.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Rain

driving home(hate Irish bars - Love Kilkeny - we all have a cross to bear) I've ran through the first light shower of the season.I didnt turn the wipers for as long as I could to savor the moment.

Bat Yam beach,a month and a half ago.
The harsh flash is on purpose

My affections lie 3500Km away and I wait for a plane from Moscow to bring me relief.

Monday, September 24, 2007

impending doom

I have a test tommorow. I hope I will pass it.

more color with the loaned summicron

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The fasting was pleasant

I love the yom kippur fast.It heightens the senses and cleans your mind.
Now to another year of being a piece of shit to my fellow human beings.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Gemar Hatima Tova!

the fine art of evaluation

I am in Beer Sheva for several days (need to study for a test away from the temptations of Tel Aviv).

I talked to some people who are important to me and seen they are not in the best situation they can be.It saddens me.
On the other hand,I am passionate about something new and unexpected. Which is what life is for,basicly,at least at this stage.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I will go to Beer Sheba for a couple of days to study without temptations.
I understood a couple of things are very wierd when you try to explain them but very fun to do when you stop giving a fuck.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

sad to a point it's comical

like a Turkish drama.

from the horribly developed film.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

never develop film you arent familiar with sloppily

the girl with the cowboy hat stopped me half a mile down the street and asked the photo not to be printed in a newspaper(?)cause she doesnt want her parents to catch her smoking.

Or this is what you'll get! Delta 400(6 years expired in tetenal ultrafin)

intresting fact:

МАЛЕНЬКИЙ ВЕНСКИЙ ВАЛЬС - Федерико Гарсиа Лорка\Take This Waltz Leonard Cohen

Десять девушек едут Веной.
Плачет смерть на груди гуляки,
Есть там лес голубиных чучел
и заря в антикварном мраке.
Есть там залы, где сотни окон
и за ними деревьев купы...
О, возьми этот вальс,
этот вальс, закусивший губы.

Now in Vienna there are ten pretty women.
There's a shoulder where death comes to cry.
There's a lobby with nine hundred windows.
There's a tree where the doves go to die.
There's a piece that was torn from the morning,
and it hangs in the Gallery of Frost --
Ay, ay ay ay
Take this waltz, take this waltz,
take this waltz with the clamp on its jaws.

Этот вальс, этот вальс,
полный смерти, мольбы и вина,
где шелками играет волна.

Я люблю, я люблю, я люблю,
я люблю тебя там, на луне,
и с увядшею книгой в окне,
и в укромном гнезде маргаритки,
и в том танце, что снится улитке...
Так порадуй теплом
этот вальс с перебитым крылом.

I want you, I want you, I want you
on a chair with a dead magazine.
In the cave at the tip of the lily,
in some hallway where love's never been.
On a bed where the moon has been sweating,
in a cry filled with footsteps and sand --
Ay, ay ay ay
Take this waltz, take this waltz,
take its broken waist in your hand.

Есть три зеркала в венском зале,
где губам твоим вторят дали.
Смерть играет на клавесине
и танцующих красит синим
и на слезы наводит глянец.
А над городом - тени пьяниц...
О, возьми этот вальс,
на руках умирающий танец.

There's a concert hall in Vienna
where your mouth had a thousand reviews.
There's a bar where the boys have stopped talking,
they've been sentenced to death by the blues.
Ah, but who is it climbs to your picture
with a garland of freshly cut tears?
Ay, ay ay ay
Take this waltz, take this waltz,
take this waltz, it's been dying for years.

Я люблю, я люблю, мое чудо,
я люблю тебя вечно и всюду,
и на крыше, где детство мне снится,
и когда ты поднимешь ресницы,
а за ними, в серебряной стуже, -
старой Венгрии звезды пастушьи
и ягнята и лилии льда...
О, возьми этот вальс,
этот вальс "Я люблю навсегда".

There's an attic where children are playing,
where I've got to lie down with you soon,
in a dream of Hungarian lanterns,
in the mist of some sweet afternoon.
And I'll see what you've chained to your sorrow,
all your sheep and your lilies of snow --
Ay, ay ay ay
Take this waltz, take this waltz
with its "I'll never forget you, you know!"

Я с тобой танцевать буду в Вене
в карнавальном наряде реки,
в домино из воды и тени.
Как темны мои тростники!..
А потом прощальною данью
я оставлю эхо дыханья
в фотографиях и флюгерах,
поцелуи сложу перед дверью -
и волнам твоей поступи вверю
ленты вальса, скрипку и прах.

And I'll dance with you in Vienna,
I'll be wearing a river's disguise.
The hyacinth wild on my shoulder
my mouth on the dew of your thighs.
And I'll bury my soul in a scrapbook,
with the photographs there and the moss.
And I'll yield to the flood of your beauty,
my cheap violin and my cross.
And you'll carry me down on your dancing
to the pools that you lift on your wrist --
O my love, O my love
Take this waltz, take this waltz,
it's yours now. It's all that there is.

Monday, September 17, 2007


two more shots with a loaned summicron

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Adi contrasty and grainy

I love trix@1600 for portraits.
I have a test coming along soon and I need to concentrate on it which is a bummer since I have a burst of inspiration and the streets practicly call me.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

life choices

The Vardi Kahana exhibit in Tel Aviv art museum is good if not excellent.

I am now standing at a crossroads in my life. From one side - I need to do some academic\career choices,from the other - I am young and want to enjoy life.
One comes at the expense of the other. It has become clear to me that the reasons for which I have chosen my proffessional choices are no longer valid - they never were - they were dictated by the place and the time much more then by logic or my heart desires.
I am not sorry for most of them - but it does make me wonder how reasonable my priorities are.

Friday, September 14, 2007

goodbye phoros from yashica 14e

I gave away the camera to a guy who studies photography. Those are the last roll pics.

The last two days are the best days I had since the beginning of this year.
Maybe more.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

summaron in bw

summaron is excellent in bw
uv filter, plusx, sunny sixteen,jaffa and tel aviv
and this is with a misaligned rf.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Hunter

Shenkin Str. The guy resembles a hunter in hiding with the mannequins being the painted wooden ducks.

90/2.8 is more usefull for street photography then I thought